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Women, Games,Cars

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Q: What three things make up the health triangle?
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Why do only some three sticks make a triangle?

A triangle only has three sides. If you put three sticks together, you can make a triangle. If you had four sticks, you cannot make a triangle. That is why only three sticks are needed.

Can a trapezoid make a triangle?

No because a trapezoid has 4 sides and a triangle has three if a trapezoid had three then it would be a triangle. If you had 3 trapezoids you could make a triangle!

Is it possible to make a three-sided polygon that is not a triangle?

No. A three-sided polygon is, by definition, a triangle.

How make triangle?

Any shape that is enclosed and has three sides is a triangle.

How do you make 4 equal triangles in 6 sticks?

Make a tetrahedron (three sided pyramid) Make it three dimensional. have the base be a triangle and then make three sides on it like a triangle pyramid. Triforce. ..▲ ▲ ▲

What is a counterexample for three coplanar lines always make a triangle?

If at least two of the three lines are parallel, the three lines will not form a triangle.

What three same shapes make a trapezoid?


What three stars make up the Summer Triangle?

The three stars that make up The Summer Triangle are: Vega, Altair, and Deneb.Look below at Sources and related links to see the stars and constellations of The Summer Triangle.

What shapes can you make out of three triangles?

You can make any triangle, quadrilateral or pentagon with three suitable triangles.

Is possible to make an obtuse scalene triangle?

Yes, yes it is. A scalene triangle is just a triangle with three different degree values.

How many side lengths and angles do you to make a triangle?


How do you make three triangles with nine matches?

take three match for each triangle