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Q: What the answer of holisticality healthy give5 example?
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Is healthy an adjective?

Yes, healthy is an adjective. Example: healthy food.

What can you do to help someone get a healthy diet?

feed them healthy foods, for example crisps

What example of healthy family?

A healthy family eats mostly fruits and vegetables, exercises regularly, and is emotionally healthy.

Which is NOT an example of healthy living?

entertainment and art

What is an example of a heart healthy activity?

pumping blood

Should healthy living be hyphenated?

No, unless it is used as a compound adjective. For example,Healthy living is a good thing.She attributes her longevity to healthy living.The healthy-living market is huge.

What are the good qualities of healthy individual body?

There are many good qualities of healthy individual bodies. These bodies have a healthy blood pressure and heart rate for example.

Can you give an example of acrostic of the word HEALTHY?

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Is heart healthy a example of alliteration?


Is it health bitter food?

If you mean,is bitter food healthier then no.No because for example a chillie is a hot and spicy except it is as healthy and nutrisional.If you ment is bitter for healthy then 100% yes! Broccali for example is bitter in my veiw, and is also extreamly healthy to eat.

Example of a suggestion you would give to an older person to promote a healthy lifestyle practice?

Give an example of a suggestions you could give to an older person that would promote a healthy lifestyle practice

What is a fruit give an example?

a fruit is an object that is edible and juicy and it is healthy...