What subjects do you have to pass to get in 8th grade?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Its just the basics like math reading language arts have to pass either or science or social studies cant fail 2 course test on the crct

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Q: What subjects do you have to pass to get in 8th grade?
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What does your gpa have to be in order the pass the 8th grade?

Your GPA have to be at least 2.0 in order the pass the 8th grade.

What does your GPA have to be to pass 8TH grade?

it has to be at least 2.0 to pass the 8th grade.

What are the subjects you have to pass in the sixth grade?

reading, science,and math.

What are the required grades you have to have on your report card to pass the 8th grade?

The required grades to pass the 8th grade include 70 percent in language arts and math.

Do you go into 9th grade if you did not pass your 8th grade sol?

yes u do

Do you have to pass the eighth grade writing test to get a drivers license in Oklahoma?

Yes you must pass the 8th grade writing test to get your drivers license. You have to pass your 8th grade reading test to get your permit when your 15 1/2

What grade do you take the Illinois constitution test?

In 8th and 10th grade. You have to pass both.

can i pass 8th grade?

yes you are amazing and can do any thing!

What is the highest GPA to pass 8th grade?

1000 8=======))

Do you pass fifth grade with two F?

Not unless you have all A's in your other subjects.

You are in the 8th grade and you have bad grades but if you pass the state tests can you still pass?

Yes,you still will be able to pass.

Can you pass 6 grade if you only pass the state test but all the subject you fail?

no you can't,trust me i been though the same thing im in 7th grade if you pass all your subjects but fail one you go to summer school wich i did but if you fail two subjects you get left back if you pass your state exams or finals it counts as your grade for the third trimester im sorry but no if you fail all subjects but pass exams the chances are getting left back or going to summer school.