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1. if they swallow a household item (raid, Clorox, soap, ect.) read label to see what to do.

2. Call poison control Immediately! United States: 1-800-222-1222

3. if person has collapsed or stopped breathing call 911

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Q: What steps should you take if someone has swallowed a poisonous substance?
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What should you do if you have swallowed a household chemical?

Consult a doctor? It may be poisonous!!

What must you never do if someone has ingested a poisonous substance?

Due to the complex nature of toxicology, It is impossible to say what should or should not be done without knowing the poison. that being said, NEVER attempt to give anything orally to someone who is unconscious.

Are there any hazards when using lead?

Yes, if it gets into your system. It's a heavy metal and is poisonous of it enters the bloodstream. It is ok to handle in solid form, but should not be swallowed, protection should also be taken if it is melted.

What to give horse that swallowed hydrated lime?

If a horse swallowed hydrated lime, you should call a equine vet immediately as this is an emergency situation. Hydrated lime is highly caustic and toxic to both animals and humans, ingestion of the substance could be fatal if not seen to immediately.

Why should one give a drink of water to someone who has swallowed washing powder?

to wash it down the throat and to dilute the effects of the washing powder

What happens when someone drinks petrol every day?

Petrol is poisonous. You should NEVER drink vehicle fuel.

Should the drug be swallowed?

No drugs should be swallowed, even if contained. If the containment breaks down in the body system, the consequences could be fatal.

Should you worry if you swallowed a piece of hair?


Characteristic of a solvent used for recrystalization?

1.) it should not react with the substance to be dissolved. 2.) it should be relatively safe to handle (not poisonous or flammable). 3.) it should dissolve an appreciable amount of the substance to be purified when hot and it should be crystallize most of the substance when cold. 4.) it should not dissolved the impurities readily or it may dissolve these to small extent only or it should dissolve the impurities readily but not the desired substance. 5.) it could yield well formed crystallized of the desired substance. 6.) It should be capable of easy removal form the filtered crystals and therefore its boiling point should be preferably 60 to 100 C

Why should you never drink anti-freeze?

It is poisonous.It is poisonous.

What should you do if a frog is poisonous?

If you see a poisonous frog, stay away from it or else.

What should you do if you just swallowed milkweed?

Go see a doctor.