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Q: What smells bad when living but smells good when its dead?
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What smells so bad when living but so good when dead?


What smells bad when living but good when dead?


What smells bad when alive and smells good when dead?


What smells bad while living but smells good when dead?

The person who came up with this riddle.

What smells the worst a dead rat or mouse?

A dead anything smells bad, neither can be worse.

Dead mouse in crawl space smells bad?

Remove it.

Does an adjective modify the verb in a sentence?

No it does not! It smells good - It smells bad.

How do you say cheese smells in hebrew?

It depends on whether it smells good or bad Cheese smells (good) = gviná merichá (גבינה מריחה) Cheese smells (bad) = gviná masrichá (גבינה מסריחה)

How do you learn that a bad smell is bad and a good smell is good?

You don't really learn it; it's sort of instinctual. "Good" smells are often things that are good to eat; "bad" smells are generally associated with things that are poisonous or otherwise dangerous.

Do adjectives modify verbs of being?

Adverbs modify verbs, including verbs of being. For example:He was once a mediocre student.He is currently at the top of his class.She is always polite.Good and bad. It smells bad. It smells good, Smell(Noun and Verb)The adjectives good and bad modified the verb to smell.SmellBeing well-done, the cake smells good.

Your vacuum cleaner smells bad when you turn it on?

Because of the dirt bag. It actually smells pretty good without the dirt bag

Good smells and Bad smells how do they relate?

It depends on what you like and dont like for instance some people love the smell of petrol and i hate it. so really they relate because good and bad are like brother and sister.