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Q: What size of ac unit for a 2800 sqft house 2 story?
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How many arces is 2800 sqft?

2,800 sqft is 0.064 acre.

What size ac unit for a 2400 sq ft house?

What size AC unit for 2400 sqft ranch house in NC

How many sqft in 10 marla?

I think it is 90 sqft. Because my house is 8 marla and it is of 60 sqft and my friend live in house of 4 marla which is 30 sqft. still i ll advise you to confirm it. * * * * * Good advice. 10 Marla = 2722.5 sq feet.

What is the length and width size of 350 sqft?

It could be 35x10ft or 70x5ft

How many pavers in 1 sqft?

It depends on the size of each paver!

How do you compute size of the room for chilled water air conditioning?

150 sqft

What is the average square footage of star bucks?

The average size is about 1500 sqft.

How much square feet is the undertaker's house?

Its 1100 sqft. 2BHK... lol

How much does it cost to add a second level onto a house?


What ac unit is appropriate for a 200 sqft room?

You want a about 8000btu for a room that size

How many square feet when a house measures 28 x 30?

750 SqFt

Estamated cost to build 1500 sqft cinder block house turnkey?