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"The normal haemoglobin level for adult males is 130-170 [Grams per Litre], and 120-150 g/L for adult females"

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Q: What should your blood iron count be?
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What should your iron count be to give blood?

12.5 for women, I'm not sure about how much the iron count for men should be.

Should a 17 years old girl period be pink in colour?

The color of blood depends on your blood count. High Blood Count = Dark red blood Low Blood Count = Pinkish blood You should try taking iron supplements to raise your blood count.

What causes low blood count?

A lack of iron tends to result in low blood count.

What is a good number for iron blood count?


How can you get your rdw normal?

balancing iron count in blood

What is the number for blood count to donate blood?

If you are a woman, your haemoglobin count should be 12 or higher. If you are a man, your haemoglobin count should be 14 or higher.

Can a lack of iron produce a high mch in blood count?

No, but lack of iron could cause a low MCH

Is 10.9 iron in blood bad?

Tell me please is a 109 blood count bad and close to haveng diabeties

How do you test iron levels?

with a blood test called a CBC "Complete Blood Count". It also measures a number of other things in the blood.

What is normal blood count for anemia?

I have just been told by my new physician that my iron count in 450. He is contacting a hospital to start my treatment. How serious is this count?

When should blood be administered?

Blood should be administers when there is hemorrhage or blood loss,if you are anemic or if you have decreased platelet count.

Normal iron count in blood?

It depends on whether you are male or female and also varies by the "normal" range for the lab where blood is drawn. If you have a lab report it should show both what your level is and what the "normal range" for that lab is for your gender.