What should you do for coughing and cold?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Rest, sleep. The body will cure itself

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Q: What should you do for coughing and cold?
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Shortness in breath and weezing?

shortness of breath and coughing?...I had a cold but should i go see doctor

What is coughing and runny nose?

You may have a cold

Is coughing a symptom of enlarged tonsils?

It could be, but not necessarily. Coughing is more likely due to a cold or flu.

How is a common cold spreed?

by coughing in someones face

Are puppy hiccups a sign of worms?

no but if they are coughing, you should bring them to your local vet and get a medicine for coughing just in case they have a cold

You had a cold and now your lungs hurt?

i have got a cold and i am getting over it but when i was coughing a got saw lungs

Can your cold go into your lungs?

my lungs are score from coughing so much

What if i have a fever but i am coughing and i don't have a headache?

These symptoms would be consistent with a Cold.

What is a sentence for symptoms?

the symptoms for a cold are headaches, stuffy nose, and coughing.

Is common cold spread by water or air?

The common cold is caused by a rhinovirus, and it is spread through aerosolized droplets (the air) via coughing and sneezing. It is also a rather hardy little virus that can be passed on inanimate fomites (hard objects like door handles and elevator buttons). This is why you should cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and why you should wash your hands regularly.

Should you call a vet if your horse coughs continuously?

you should call a vet and let them examain it. I have a horse and i called a vet for continuously coughing. it turned out to be a minor cold so do not worry to bad...

What are symtpoms?

symptoms are like if you had a cold and the symptoms are runny nose, coughing, and fever.