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Q: What protects your body from germs and harmful things?
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What coats germs to prevent them from harming the body?

Your skin is the biggest thing that protects your body.

How can you use harmful in a sentence?

David, with the red ripped shirt, had harmful germs on his body.

What are the some of the functions of skin?

skin water proofs you and protects your body from germs

What system plays a role in defending the body from harm?

The integumentary system protects the body from injury, infection, and dehydration.

What do we call the part of your immune system that passively protects your body from attack by germs?


What covers your body and stops microbes from getting in?

Skin is the outer covering of the body that protects against microbes and germs.

What do white blood cells attack in the body?

They attack germs and microorganisms they deem may be harmful to the body.

What system protects your body from germs?

Defends the body after it has been invaded by a microscopic organism

Where you can find germs?

you can find germs in different parts of you body or even on random things

What bug has spots on its body and protects plants from harmful insects?

lady bug

What is the role of the skin in providing defense against infection?

The skin acts as a shield and protects the body from outside dirt, dust and other germs. It is the first layer of defense for the body. The skin prevents the entry of germs or substances that can harm the body in any way. Only when the skin is ruptured germs, dust, dirt can enter the body system causing sickness of different kinds. The skin sheds off the outermost layer from time to time thereby removing any harmful organisms that may be present on the skin's outer layer. The skin secretes substances that kill harmful bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria.

What system of the body protects us from harmful substances and removes wastes from cells?

circulatory system