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If someone is trying to make a model of the solar system, and the goal is to represent it as it is, scaled-down of course, then there will be one very big problem. The problem would be exactly the scaling. The Sun is significantly larger than any of the planets in the solar system. While the planets

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Q: What problems might you face when modeling the Sun and the revolving planets to the same scale What assumptions might you have to make in your model?
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Do other stars have revolving planets?

not all the stars

What is the difference between geocentric heliocentric and planetary motion?

Geocentric motion of planet is that in which earth is at the centre of the universe and all other planets revolving around it.Heliocentric motion of planets is that in which sun is the of universe and other planets revolving around it.In planetary motion all the planets includes Earth revolving around the Sun in their fixed orbit.

What do the outer planets have going around them?

most of them have their moons revolving them.

Objects revolving around and reflecting light from the sun?


What are the group of planets revolving around the sun?

solar system

What is the main different between the geocentric and heliocentric models of planetary motion?

in a heliocentric system earth and the other planets revolving planet's a geocentric system ,earth is at the center of the revolving planets

Why do planets not bump each other while revolving?

because it has axis

What objects revolving around the reflecting light from the sun?


What planet is revolving around the sun?

All the planets revolve around the Sun.

What is the planets satillite?

The moon is Earth's satillite, revolving around earth eternally.

What do planets do as they travel around the sun?

They rotate. Travel around the sun is called revolving.

Why do planets not coll ide while revolving around the sun?

The gravitational force exerted on the planets by the Sun keeps them in place and out of a collision course.