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Q: What percentage of homeowner policy holders will have claims?
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How are homeowner claims paid to person who had deed but not policy?

Homeowner insurance claims are paid to the policy holder, in a condo and the damages are being reimbursed by the association the deed and title holder gets the refund

When are surcharges on homeowner's insurance claims allowed?

All homeowners claims are subject to premium surcharges. either in the current policy period or at renewal.

Who is NOT an insured on a homeowner policy?

The insured's are those specifically named on the insurance policy, Typically the homeowner(s) and dependent children would be construed as the insured's as well as listed lien or mortgage holders. Anyone not named would not be insured

What qualifications must a person possess in order to be eligible for USAA homeowner's insurance?

Eligibility for USAA homeowner's insurance includes active duty, retired and honorably discharged members of the US military. Also, adult children of current and previous policy holders are eligible as are widows or widowers of current and previous policy holders. Those enrolled in officer commissioning programs such as ROTC and OCS are also eligible.

caregiver for my father claims an injury while at my home. does homeowner insurance cover costs ?

the answer will be in your policy declarations you need to look there most do though

If a homeowner is injured and may require surgery will homeowner policy cover this?

Nope, a homeowners policy does not cover the home owner.

Can a homeowner buy only a Renters Policy?

Well, Not really, When you buy a renters insurance policy you have to declare that you are a renter. If you have a loss and the insurance company discovers you lied, They will not be required to pay for any claims due to a fraudulent statement on your application.

What is an hob home owners policy?

An HO-B policy typically refers to a homeowner's policy in Texas.

Can you transfer homeowner insurance policy to new owner?

No. You will have to cancel you policy and the new owner will have to apply for a new policy. The homeowner's policy is partly based on the home and partly on the person so the new owner will be underwritten as well as the property.

Where can you get a copy of your Homeowner's Policy?

The answer to the question has not been posted.

Does homeowners insurance cover a sewer backup?

It should. You should request a policy review with your agent. It has to be stated in the policy what is and is not covered. <><><> DO review your policy with your agent. Sewer Backup is typically EXCLUDED from most homeowner's insurance. It CAN be added to a homeowner's policy. Have you read your policy?

Is nanny covered in homeowner policy?

No. your nanny is not a named insured on your home insurance policy.