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there is not a part of the heart that stops you from bleeding to death. It is the platelets in your blood that stop your bleeding. When you get cut or a scrape, the platelets rush to the opening and stick together causing the blood to clot, and prevents you from bleeding to death.

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Q: What part of the heart stops you from bleeding to death?
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If the blood supply to the myocardium stops what happens?

that part of the heart tissue dies

When part of the heart muscle died from lack of oxygen and the entire organ stops working the result is?

heart attack

When part of the heart muscle dies from lack of oxygen and the entire organ stops working the result is?

A heart attack

What are other words for heart attack?

Myocardial infarction is the medical term for heart attack. There is death of part of heart muscle in that condition.

What is an amie?

An AMI is an acute myocardial infarction - more commonly known as a heart attack, where blood flow stops to part of the heart causing damage to the heart muscle.

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