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The department of insurance for your state.

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Q: What organization would you contact to file a complaint against an insurance company?
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How do you file a complaint against an insurance company in Illinois?

Contact your Illinois Department of Insurance

Can an insurance company bring a charge of vehicular homicide against a person?

No. Only the State can bring a criminal charge against someone. It is doubtful that the Insurance Company would even have standing to file a complaint in such a matter.

What state is ODS Insurance from?

ODS Insurance is health insurance company that is based out of Portland, Oregon. The company currently has a high complaint rating as of 2011. The company also carries dental insurance.

Where would you get a form to file a complaint against an auto insurance company?

Your state should have a division or department of insurance. You can find them in the blue pages of the phone book, or do a google search via the web for your state. If the complaint is against your own carrier, the division of insurance can probably help you. If you're making a complaint against another person's insurance carrier, don't hold your breath for results. The division of insurance in your state probably can't influence liability decisions, nor can they force a carrier to change, say, total loss settlements. go on the web to doi. this is the department of insurance. they are very helpful & you can file a complaint on-line w/them. they are for the consumer. they are not biased toward the insurance companies. i have gotten great results w/them.

How does one lodge a complaint against a phone company in Canada?

One could lodge a complaint against a phone company in Canada by calling their customer service department and filing a complaint through them. Depending on the grievance, there is a good chance they will listen and attempt to correct it.

Is there a law against unpaid overtime?

There are laws that protect you from unpaid wages. Contact your local Labor Board with the complaint. You will have to fill out a formal complaint against the company that owes the wages to you.

How do you deal with an at fault insurance company that is slow?

If you feel something has been handled improperly, you should file a complaint with your states insurance department.

How do you file a complaint to Bank Negara Malaysia on cases badly handled by the Insurance company?

claim rejected

If your insurance company drops you before a claim is settled how do you get insurance coverage on your home?

They should not drop you before a claim is settled. If they have contact your state department of insurance and file a complaint.

What is the purpose of a complaint letter?

The purpose of a complaint letter is to notify/inform a person, company, or organization that a problem exists; and to advise the party what action (if any) you expect them to take.

What do you do if the insurance for a totaled car does not pay for my personal injuries?

If you feel you haven't been treated fairly, I would file a complaint with your state insurance company or have your lawyer do it.

How do you select an insurance company?

For, choosing a right Insurance policy company you must remember this steps. First of all checkout company's ratings, check for complaints against insurance company and seek assistance from insurance professionals.