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Q: What makes Fergie to be lesbian?
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Is Fergie lesbian?

She is bisexual- or was. At age 18 Fergie was stoned and drunk and on a sex spree- probably unaware that they were female.

Does it makes you not a lesbian?

If you are a lesbian, nothing can make you "not a lesbian."

How do you lesbian?

if your a girl and you like girls that makes you a lesbian

Who is Fergie that sings songs?

Fergie is a person and she is a girl that made songs like Fergie London brige and big girls don't cry and i love the songs that she makes wo baby u should go to youtube and Type fergie London brige and if u want to search all the fergie songs you type fergie songs .

Did any of the black eyed peas have a love affair?

maybe, Fergie is married to a man but she claimed she is a lesbian so it's up to you to think about it.

Is Fergie really 36?

Yes she is, she was born in 1975 so that makes her 36.

Is Fergie from black eyed peas a lesbian?

No, there are rumors of that but shes not. She's married to the guy who used to play Leo on All My Children. I love that show!!!!!!!! (=

Does cheating with a lesbian make you gay?

No, cheating with a lesbian makes you a cheater. Nothing can make you gay or lesbian; that is something you're born with.

Who makes a point in a badmintion game?

refereewrong this is by fergie datz wutz up aliight!@!

What makes a woman a lesbian?

A woman who is not sexually/physically attracted to men, but is sexually/physically attracted to women, is a lesbian.

Is Fergie dead?

No Fergie is not DEAD

Which actors are gay or lesbians?

All that I know is that fergie is a homosexual.