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The Hoover Floor Mate is a hard surface floor cleaner designed to vacuum, mop, and dry a floor all in one machine. It can easily clean all tiles of floor with its high power vacuum.

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Q: What machine is good for cleaning tile floors?
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Where can one find tips on cleaning tile floors?

There are many different websites online that can offer tips and advice for cleaning tile floors. Included in these websites are sites like wikiHow, DIY Network, and House Beautiful.

Are cannister vaccuums better for cleaning hardwood floors?

yes they are excellent and better for cleaning hardwood floors. It is highly recommended from many sources to use them on hardwood floors. They work best on hardwood and tile floors.

Can you steam clean rubber tile floors?

A church has a rubber tile floor that needs serious cleaning. Can I steam mop it?

Are Bruce hardwood floors good for the kitchen?

Bruce hardwood floors are good in kitchens, but not as good as tile floors, which are resistant to stains and burns.

Can I use a Steam cleaning machine to clean ceramic tile?

Yes, you can use a steam cleaning machine to clean ceramic tile. Depending on the type of machine, you may need to change the level setting to the highest setting in order to clean the tile completely. Many people use steam mops for this type of tile.

where can i rent a tile cleaning machine?

The best and easiest place from which to rent a tile cleaning machine is your local home improvement store. You can also rent them from the grocery store or rental company like Sunbelt Rentals. This article on eHow goes into great depth:

Is mastic 500 good for porcelain tile floors?

No. Mastic 500 is an asphalt-based preparation. It would be very bad for porcelain tile floors.

What is the uses of broom?

The uses of soft brooms include cleaning dry places, tile floors, and dusty walls.

What is a cheap chemical that is good for cleaning grout and tile?

How do I go about doing my own grout and tile cleaning? I need a cheap chemical.

Where can you get tile cleaning machines for a good price?

You can get tile cleaning machines for a good price by looking on for a used one in your area or or for great deals

Where can I find a repair person for my tile cleaning machine?

This really depends on where you are located and how much you are willing to spend on the repair. It might just be cheaper to buy a new tile cleaning machine. I'd call around to local repair shops and the manufacturer.

Is it worth the expense to rent a tile floor cleaning machine?

You should rent a tile floor cleaning machine because they usually do a better job than people who do it by hand. Although it would be more expensive, it would be worth it in the long run.