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LONG TERM EFFECTS ždeath of brain cells žmemory and cognitive problems ždepression žLiver damage žlack of coordination žParalysis žNeuro psychotic disorders žKidney failure

Effects of an overdose are very high body temperature and blood pressure, hallucinations and an elevated heartbeat. This can be very dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease or psychological disorder.

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Q: What long term effects does ecstasy do to you?
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Is ecstasy a short term affect or long term affect?

Long term effects , memory loss

What are the long term side effects of ecstasy?

Long term effects:Depression.Drowsiness.Muscle aches.Loss of appetite.Insomnia.Loss of concentration.Irritability.

Why isn't anyone sure what the long term effects of ecstasy are?

I'm pretty sure you get holes in your brain.

Is it common to suffer long term side effects from taking ecstasy one time?

It may not be common, but it certainly happens. Ecstasy is a very unpredictable drug.

What are some long term effects from ecstasy?

Depending on usage the biggest long term effect is long and short term memory loss, heart problems, serotonin deformation, etc. I recommend

Short term psychological effects of ecstasy?

Putting this question on

Long-term effects of ecstasy?

Matters how much you take and how often it will effect by short term memory and will mess up your sarotonin levels making you feel depressed

What are some short term effects with ecstasy?

some short term effects of ecstasy may include confusion, short term memory loss, mild to severe depression, mood swings and user may feel physically tired or burnt.

What is long term effect on one Ecstasy pill?

Sometimes death. Pretty long term!

Effects of ecstasy in a nonalcoholic beverage?

the same as ecstasy?

What are the long term effects of SSRIs?

the long-term effects of SSRIs are unknown

Is it dangerous to take MDMA or ecstasy after getting H1N1 vaccine?

i say nehh, it did not kill moi. Still i wonder if theres any long term effects to it, but im not a doctor.