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Well it depends on what your doing. For instance, if your working in the garden you may want to get a bottle of water on a hot day because you wouldn't for sure drink a pop, its not good for your health. If your in sports drink GATORADE or POWERADE, but it must have vitamins and nutrition in it. Also, if your just sitting outside or coming back from a jog, DRINK WATER. It will help with your immune system.

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Q: What kind of water should you drink?
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What kind of drink should a swimmer drink?

Swimmers should drink drinks with lots of protein in. Or it should also be a drink with vitamins in it.

Should I drink water more or should I eat more?

You should drink water because if you don't drink enough water you can die

What kind of water do parakeets drink?

My parakeets drink any kind of water but I recommend not giving them freezing water, water that is not too cold but not too warm

What kind of water do penguins drink?

ice water

What kind of food should you eat before boxing?

Something that will keep your energy up and drink lots of water

What kind of sports drink should I drink after running?

Chocolate milk is an excellent recovery drink for any type of endurance workout.

What kind of water do people drink?

Clean water (hopefully)

What kind of water can hermit crabs drink?

salt water.

How much water should you drink with Metamucil?

you should drink 1 liter of water per day.

What kind of water do people in houses drink?

People in a house drink tap water from their fridge or bottles water from the store

What kind of water do horses drink?

yes. all horses like water.

What should you drink?