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There are many different features of a Brandy Snifter wine glass. One unique feature of the wine glass is the tulip shape of the glass, designed to show off the bubbles.

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Q: What is unique about the shape of a Brandy Snifter wine glass?
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A snifter is a short-stemmed glass with a wide bottom and a narrow top that is most often used to serve?

If you are referring to the drinking glass also known as a brandy snifter, this is a short-stemmed glass (a wine glass is long-stemmed) with a wide bowl but narrow top, kind of like a teardrop with the point cut off. This shape temporarily traps the aromas in the glass, allowing the drinker to sniff the brandy, cognac, or Kool-Aid. Hence, the name "snifter."

Should cabernet be served at room temperature?

Brandy doesn't need refrigerated at all. Actually, it's best not to put it in the refrigerator, because Brandy should be drunk at body temperature. If you've noticed, a Brandy glass is sort of in a balloon kind of shape - which fits into the palm of your hand, and your hand is the same temperature as your body. That's why the glass is made that way - so your hands will warm the Brandy.

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