What is unhealthy sex?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Typically sex was a light socket, AIDS patient, or even a broken glass bottle could be typified as, "Unhealthy Sex".

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Q: What is unhealthy sex?
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How is sex healthy?

I don't think it is healthy or unhealthy.. It's just sex. At a young age, Sex is unhealthy.

Is too much sex unhealthy?

Yes because you can get stds

Why is sex unhealthy at a young age?

it is not unhealthy, that is what adult say just so that girls won't get pregnant and so that boys won't make kids at a young age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is same-sex marriage unhealthy?

It would appear that same-sex marriage is at least as healthy as traditional heterosexual marriage. No evidence exists to prove otherwise.

If a man is sick is his semen sick?

It can be. An unhealthy man may sometimes have unhealthy semen. If a man has an STD, it can be spread through his semen. Of course, if you are having sex with a man, and you are the least bit uncertain of his health or whether he is carrying something, then make sure you use a condom if you have sex at all.

How does sex affect your balance diet?

unhealthy foods can make it go low and healthy can make it go up

Is sex unhealthy?

Mainly, there is always the risk of (a) catching a dangerous disease, including AIDS (especially if you have many sex partners), and (b) getting pregnant (or getting your girl pregnant).

Is having sexual activity unhealthy at a young age?

No it is not unhealthy. It is actually healthy to a limit. Interacting with the opposite sex is healthy. But if you're young, having too much sexual activity can contract STD's which are unhealthy. My advice is to just stick to kissing. It helped me when I was going through high school.

How do you get rid of a high sex drive?

Don't do anything sexual for 4 months, yes that means no kinda turns the sex drive down...or you could medicate yourself which i find very wrong and unhealthy.

What do you do if your ex uses you to get over someone else?

enjoy the sex and move on but i disagre dump him or her or atlest talk about it i mean realy talk about it, but then you lose the sex, so its up to you really, keep sex and false hopes, or break off unhealthy relationship. or like i said you could just use them for sex and move on.

Is it unhealthy if sperm comes out with urine?

If there is sperm or semen left in the penis or the vagina after sex it can wash out later with your urine. This is no problem at all and perfectly natural.

When i sleep at night sperms get out from penis and I'm unhealthy?

It's just a wet dream. The body will release semen at night if you are not having sex or masturbating. This is normal and has nothing to do with being unhealthy. Probably the opposite, if you were not reasonably healthy, you probably wouldn't be having the dreams.