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They work when steam and water occupy a tube that is on a slight incline. As water level drops the steam space inside the tube expands. The expanding tube is connected to a linkage which will open the water valve as more steam occupies the tube than water.

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Q: What is thermal expansion feed water regulator operated by?
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What are the of objectives of thermal expansion in solids and liquids in everyday life?

one example of thermal expansion is when in the kitchen and you can not open a can of vegetable(example) you will put it in a pan of hot water and the water will push it off.

What is happening to substance undergoing thermal expansion?

the water separate everywhere

What is happening to a substance undergoing thermal expansion?

the water separate everywhere

Water expands as it freezes can you define a coefficient of volume expansion for the freezing force?

The coefficient of the thermal expansion of water is equal to .00021. Water expands by 9% of its volume when it freezes.

What does thermal expansion of water mean and why is it relevant to the rising sea levels?

Thermal expansion relates to how things expand when they heat up and contract when they cool down. This also applies to the water in the ocean. The hotter it is, the more it expands, making sea levels rise.

What is a Ruud Therm X Guard?

Its a thermal expansion tank to absorb the pressure when the cold water heats in a hot water tank.

What is Coefficient of cubical expansion of heavy water?

The coefficient of thermal expansion depends on the temperature and pressure. It a pressure of 1 atmosphere the coefficient of thermal expansion are:at 4 deg C : –0.1321 at 20 deg C : 0.1212 at 50 deg C : 0.4280 at 100 deg C: 0.7454.

What is the increase in volume cause by a decrease in temperature?

It's called expansion, or thermal expansion. It's usually noted by the Greek character alpha.Most materials have alpha values greater than zero, so the thermal expansion occurs when temperature increases. However, some other materials have negative thermal expansion, as happens with water. Liquid water will increase its volume under cooling conditions below ~4 ºC. It will also increase it's volume as the temperature rises away from 4o C.

Why is the water not used in the construction of liquid in glass thermometer?

water doesnt undergo significant thermal expansion. alcohol expands more when it's heated

Why do sea levels rise due to global warming?

Because of continental ice melting and thermal expansion o the water itself.

What is Thermal stress and the effects?

when the temperature of the body is lowered or raised, it contracts or expands accordingly. If this expansion or contraction is prevented, then a stress is produced called thermal stress

Why is water strange in thermal expansion?

Unlike most substances, when water freezes, it forms a structure that is less dense than the liquid it is in equilibrium with (which is why ice floats on liquid water). It is also unusual in that the maximum density of the liquid reaches a minimum at a temperature ABOVE the freezing point - roughly 1.0000 g/cm3 at 4 °C - before it begins to increase as it approaches the freezing point. Water thus has a negative coefficient of thermal expansion between 0 °C and 4 °C and a zero coefficient right at 4 °C. Other substances have uniformly positive coefficients of thermal expansion.