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16 feet wide for a double garage door even though as a builder i install

18 foot wide doors when i can. This allows more room between the two

cars when parked inside.

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Q: What is the widest garage door commonly used?
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Does a garage door opener use an encrypted key to open the door?

When a certain device that is programmed to open a particular garage door is used what happens in order to get the garage door open? If the device used to get the garage door to open sends a signal when pressed, to a sensor in the garage door that opens the garage door, does that device use an encrypted key in the signal in order to get the door to open and insure that the signal is coming from someone who is authorized to open the door?

What do you have a ninear garage door openers for?

Linear garage door openers are used for opening a garage door in a wireless manner. They use a light beam and receiver to allow one to open the door without physically touching it.

Program envoy garage door opener?

Press the button that will be used for the door opener until the light starts flashing. Then hold up your garage door opener remote and press to open garage door. It will then set.

Is the spring attached to an automated garage door considered part of the common area of a condominium?

Theoretically, yes.However, depending on why the spring's status is in question, it may be that replacing or repairing the spring is the responsibility of an individual owner.During regular preventative maintenance tasks for the garage door, the spring, which is integral to the operation of the automated garage door, is maintained as a commonly owned asset.

Can any garage door opener open any garage?

Older garage door openers can be used with some tweaking. Newer openers do not have this functionality due to safety issues raised from previous older models.

What universal remote can be used as replacement for Ambassador garage door opener?


How many horse power garage door opener do you need?

It really depends on how heavy your door is.The 1/3 horsepower garage door opener is pretty much for people who want to save money. Only the lightest garage door should be used with those. The 1/3 hp have a smaller work-load rating and do not have as good a warranty as the others have. For most garage doors, a 1/2 horsepower garage door opener is just fine, but if you have a really really heavy door you may need a 3/4 horsepower garage door opener. The 3/4 hp garage door opener is designed for the heavier custom wood garage doors that go over 500lbs in weight.

What could cheap steel buildings be used for?

Cheap steel buildings can be used for a multitude of things. They are great for storage, workshops, and some come with a garage door so they can be used as a garage.

Where would I use a roll up garage door?

Roll up garage doors are used primarily for their space saving quality. In instances where space is an issue; the roll up garage door is used, because it rolls up into the top space of your garage, allowing you access, without the inconvenience of having to move other objects out of the way.

Someone splashed paint onto my garage door. How do you remove paint from the garage door?

first get a bucket filled with melted peanut butter and baking soda. Then proceed to wipe away paint. Aerosols can be used to remove paints from your garage doors. These are very effective!

How do you know what springs to use on a garage door?

The weight of the door and the height of the door determine which springs you need. You should consult the maker for more exact information. Removing garage door springs and adding new ones can be very dangerous as they are very strong springs. Be very careful if you decide to do this yourself.

How To Save Money On Garage Door Repair?

A broken garage door can be a major inconvenience. If your garage door breaks in the winter, you might have to park your car out in the driveway. This means that you are going to need to scrap your windows in the morning. This is never a pleasant task on a cold day. The sooner you get your garage door repaired, the sooner you can start parking your car back in its normal spot. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on garage door repair, there are ways you can save money. Here are some tips to help you keep the cost down. Check The Battery In Your Opener Before you call a repairman, check the batteries in your garage door opener. They might need to be replaced. Make sure you check this common problem before you pay for a service call. Plus, if you replace the batteries and you get your garage door to open, you can tell everyone that you fixed your garage door yourself. See If Your Garage Door Is Still Under Warranty If you have recently purchased a garage door and it has already stopped working, check to see if it is still under a manufacturer’s warranty. Some manufactures will pay to repair a garage door if it is less than a year old and has been used properly. Avoid Emergency Calls When you call the repair service provider, make sure you specify that you do not need an emergency call. If you can live with your broken garage door for a couple of days until a regular appointment is available, you can save a significant amount of money on your garage door repair. Consider Purchasing A New Garage Door If your garage door is older, it might be better to just replace it. If you are going to have to keep repairing your old unit, look into buying a new one. Some companies offer free or cheap installation when you buy a garage door. Get a quote for garage door repair, and get a quote for a total replacement. That way, you will be able to see which option makes better financial sense.