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Full specification from the Mazda Bongo Friendee workshop manual is:



Inner side 39° ± 2°

Outer side 35° ± 2°


Difference between left and right (ball joints) - lengths 3mm or less

Tightening Torque 68.6-98.0 N/M (7.0-10.0 Kgf/m)


Camber Angle Standard Value 0°05' ± 1°

Caster Angle Standard Value 4°30' ± 1°

Tightening Torque 236-314 N/M (24-32 Kgf/m)


Note Caster wheels cannot be adjusted

The Camber adjustable range is 47'

Tightening Torque 151-189 N/M (15.3-19.3 Kgf/m)


Standard value 1-7mm

Tightening Torque 68.6-98.0 N/M (7.0-10.0 Kgf/m)


Standard Value IN - 5mm OUT - 5MM

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Q: What is the wheel alignment setting on a Mazda bongo?
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