What is the weight of a GM 604 crate engine?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What is the weight of a GM 604 crate engine?
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Where can you get gm 604 crate seal bolts?

You can get the 604 and 602 crate engine bolts from claytonsperf on E-bay. There by far best ones and brake-off at the right TQ. I've tried others and the quality just is not the same.

What is the weight of a GM zz4 crate engine?

shiping weight is 400, so probaly 370 without packaging materiels

Where can you get a new Chevy 350 crate engine for a cheap price?

I highly recommend that you buy your crate engine from GM. Quality and cheap, are incompatible. You get what you pay for. With a GM crate engine, you will not be disappointed.

What size is a GM crate engine casting M10069VP?


What is the the stroke bore of gm 350 zz4 crate engine?

3.48 inches.

Gm casting number on block 10066036 what size is this engine?

350 cu/in block used in GM Goodwrench Crate Motor. Made in Mexico.

Has anyone heard of a 350zz3 crate engine?

GM performance part, mid 80's 290 hp

Will a gm 572 crate engine fit into a 1972 original big block corvette without modifying the hood?


What is a ZZ4 engine?

It is a carbureted GM 350 crate motor rated at 355hp/405 lb-ft, retails for $6,499.

What is the most factory hp on 454 engines?

The 454 LS7 crate engine sold by GM is rated at 500 hp.

Advanced Auto found my engine in one of their paper publications listing it as a 1971 factory crate engine from GM 350 with 374hp Is that true Anyone know if they had 71' crate engine rated 374?

That doesn't sound right. Try for additional information.

What is the rated hp of GM crate Engine 10067353?

Horsepower: 249 HP @ 5,000 RPM Torque: 304 Ft/Lbs @ 3,500 RPM