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A macrophage is a type of white blood cell capable of engulfing and destroying harmful bacteria that have invaded the body

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Q: What is the true regarding macrophages?
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True or false Monocytes arise from the bone marrow and later develop into macrophages?


True or false when erythrocytes are no longer useful they are destroyed by macrophages in the spleen liver and bone marrow?

True. When erythrocytes are no longer useful they are destroyed by macrophages in the spleen liver and bone marrow.

Red blood cells are called macrophages true or false?

FALSE macrophages are white blood cells that are a part of the immune response system.

How do macrophages replicate?

Macrophages do not replicate. The bone marrow produces Monocytes which when they find a damaged area transform into Macrophages.

Which statement is TRUE regarding infants born to HIV infected mothers?

Which are true statements regarding infant HIV

What are the functions of macrophages?

macrophages are very good at the process of phagocytosis

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Are macrophages responsible for allergic reactions?

No, macrophages are responsible for removing dying or dead cells in the early stages of inflammation. Macrophages essentially ingest these.

What is alveolar macrophages also known as?

Alveolar macrophages, aka DUST CELLS.

What happens to monocytes when they enter tissues?

They become larger and turn into macrophages

What is murine macrophages?

Murine means "of, related to, or affecting rodents of the family Muridae," like mice. Murine macrophages are simply macrophages of these types of animals.

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