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The still wine regional AOC of Burgandy is Bourgogne AOC

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Q: What is the still wine aoc for burgundy?
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What grape is used in burgundy wine?

Burgundy wine (French: Bourgogne) is wine made in the Burgundy AOC region of France. Most wine produced here is either red wine made from Pinot Noir grapes or white wine made from Chardonnay grapes, although red and white wines are also made from other grape varieties, such as Gamay and Aligoté respectively. Small amounts of rose and sparkling wine are also produced.

How do you spell burgundy?

The color is burgundy, from the wine of that name.

Can you substitute white zinfendel for burgundy wine?

You can substitute it for white Burgundy wine.

What is burgundy?

"Burgundy" is a deep-red colour, similar to burgundy wine.

What type of wine do you use for a recipe that calls for burgundy wine?

Burgundy is Pinot Noir

What is the difference between bourgogne and bourgogne blanc?

What is the difference between bourgogne and bourgogne blanc?This could be loosely translated as: "The difference between Burgundy and White Burgundy.""Bourgogne" - translated simply as "Burgundy" does not distinguish between the area, the community or the wine(s). This distinction might be helped by the use of a pronoun: "La Bourgogne" would be the "feminine" (!) region or the community etc. and translate to: "The Burgundy" > This would contrast with "Un Bourgogne" as merely one "masculine" (!) wine, "A Burgundy" - probably a red. But if a wine really is intended, the AOC is very formal.Further, without the restrictions of AOC, many wines (without specifically pointing the finger at Australia) have been called "Burgundy" or "White Burgundy" without coming from the carefully defined region in France, or being made from the permitted varieties: Pinot Noir (strictly Pinot noirien, Pinot beurot, Pinot liebault) for the reds and Chardonnay with or without Pinot blanc for the whites.

Is burgundy wine the same as red wine for your health?

Red burgundy or Pinot Noir is the same

What are the ingredients in Carlo rossi Burgundy wine?

what is the sugar content in carlo rossi burgundy wine

What is the Scottish Gaelic for burgundy?

fìon à Burgundy. (burgundy wine)Bha burgundy is champagne ann.Diùc Bhurgundi. (Duke of Burgundy)

What is special about Burgundy?

The wine.

Is burgundy wine red or white?

Burgundy wine can refer to red wine, made from Pinot Noir grapes, or white wine, made from Chardonnay grapes, though there are other varieties of burgundy, made from various varieties of both red and white grape.

Do you chill red burgundy wine?