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1.5 ton/10 SEER

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Q: What is the seer rating for a Goodman air conditioner ModelCKL18-1?
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What is the seer rating for a goodman air conditioner model ck36 1A?


What is the seer rating for a goodman air conditioner model ck30-1a?

10 SEER, unit is circa 2000-2001

What is the seer rating and date of manufacture of a Goodman model ckl18-1 serial 0404002009 air conditioner?

10 seer

What is the seer rating for a 2 ton Goodman ck24-1b condenser?

10 SEER is the rating for the Goodman CK24-1B.

What is the seer rating of goodman ck30 1b?

10 Seer

What is seer rating of Goodman CK30-1A?

The Goodman CK30-1A is a 10 seer air conditioner unit. It is usually installed in commercial buildings such as restaurants and move theaters. These units were built in the early 2000's.

What is the tonage and seer on the goodman VSX130361AA Air conditioner?

3 ton 13 seer.

What is seer rating of Goodman ck36-1b?

This is a 10 SEER 3 ton 230v a/c condensor unit.

What is the SEER rating for the Goodman air conditioners CLJ36-1C?

first find out when it was manufactured the seer rating should be on the label of the unit and if it is not on there it is more than likely a 10 seer unit..

What is the Goodman air conditioner model number GSX13042188?

13 SEER 3.5 Tons.

What is the seer rating on comfortmaker model nac048gkc3 air conditioner compressor unit?

10 SEER 4 ton

How To Use Air Conditioner Ratings To Determine If It Is Time To Replace The Old Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioner unit is rated for efficiency by using Seer efficiency ratings. Seer efficiency ratings actually stand for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the Seer number, the more energy efficient is your air conditioner and the less energy expense you will incur. If your air conditioner is more than a couple of years old, the Seer rating may not be very high. The minimum Seer rating for sale in today’s market is 13 Seer. High efficiency air conditioning units will have a Seer rating as high as 20. Will it make sense to replace your old air conditioner based on the Seer rating alone? The answer to that depends on several factors. 1. Is your present air conditioner working satisfactorily? 2. Is the cost of energy a major factor in your replacement decision? If the answer to these questions is no, then replacing your old air conditioner unit does not make good economic sense. For instance, if you replaced 10 Seer rated air conditioner with one rated at 16 Seer, you would only save about 25% of your current energy usage. This means that the monetary payback in energy savings would take a long time. If on the other hand, you were planning on replacing your current air conditioner because it is not performing satisfactorily, then you would want to select a model with the highest Seer rating for maximum energy savings. The air conditioner size rating or capacity and its efficiency rating are two different things. The air conditioner capacity is the same type of rating as a horsepower measurement for a car. The Seer efficiency rating compares favorably to the miles per gallon rating for a car. Using the Seer rating of your air conditioner as the main criteria for replacement is not the best way to determine if you should replace your air conditioner. But used in conjunction with the condition of your unit and the cost of energy to run your unit, the air conditioning rating number plays an important role. By weighing all three of these important factors, you can reach the best decision that can save the most money for your budget.