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The second wolf quest is about getting a pack and having pups. You can name and rear your pups. The second area is Called Slough Creek. It's very good.

You can mark your territory and make a den. Log on to WolfQuest's website to download Wolf Quest Survival of the Pack.

The third wolf quest will be better. it will have weather changes and night time and day time. You can go in to the dens too. Coming 2011. Have Fun!

WolfQuest 2.5 is out now! YAY

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Q: What is the second quest for WolfQuest?
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What is the second quest in wolfquest?

The second quest in WolfQuest is where you and your mate look for a den, mark your territory, and protect and raise your pups.

What is second quest in wolfquest?

There is only 1 wolfquest quest in wolfquest episode 1 but in wolfquest episode 2 coming this December 2009 there will be multiple quests!

When is the second quest in WolfQuest coming out?

fall of '09

What month does the second quest on wolfquest come out?

Most lykly in December

How do you get pregnant on woozworld?

On the 1st WolfQuest you can't... However on WolfQuest 2 you can but you need a mate on the 1st one.

The second wolfquest is coming out in December?

the next episode of wolf quest (slough creek) is coming out before December 24th

Where do you log in on wolfquest?

go to wolfquest .com type in wolf quest register and wa la!!!!!!!!

How do you unlock quests on WolfQuest?

you finish your other quest

Are there other Quest games like WolfQuest?


Do you buy WolfQuest?

Wolf Quest is a free download.

What is the next quest on WolfQuest 2?

First Quest - Find a Mate.Second Quest - Raise your Family.Third Quest - ?Truth be told, WolfQuest 3 is not in development due to lack of funding available to do so. A third episode may be possible in the future with another NSF grant, but until then, WolfQuest isn't going to have another update any time soon!When a new episode is in development, Cana (WQ Coordinator) will keep us informed on the WolfQuest Forums (linked below) and in the WolfQuest Newsletter. ^^

Can you have cubs in WolfQuest?

No you cant have cubs in wolf quest. you can have pups :)