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Temperature: 65-70 F degrees; with 65% humidity.

Surely this depends on what one is used to.

I find sleep most refreshing when I sleep at a lower temperature than the above answer, say 58-60F.

Recent (2003-2006) sleep studies at several USA universities confirm the popularity of the top answer. A 40% humidity level is most comfortable during waking hours and should be acceptable at sleep time.

Is 58-60 F unusual? Not if you love lots of covers or have a high body temperature during sleep. And you are using much less energy to keep your bedroom/home a bit warmer. And that's a good thing. But most people prefer less weight in bed covers.

One trick to getting comfy in a cooler bedroom is to take a hot-water bottle to bed: 16-ounces in the microwave for 2 minutes does the job.

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Q: What is the recommended temperature and humidity for your home and for your bedroom when you are sleeping at night?
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