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Amy Markham

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Q: What is the real name for FTV girls model Sandra?
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What is fame girls Sandra's real name?

Fame-Girls Sandra's real name: Sasha Sandra Durpfen; aka Sandra Orlow.

What is the real name of FTVGirl model Sandra?

Amy Markham

What is Sandra teen model history?

There is very little known about Sandra the teen model. Her history is not published online. Her real name is Sandra Orlow.

What is Sandra Teen Model's mom's real name?

The teen modle who goes by Sandra does not share much about herself with the media. At this time her real name and her mom's are unknown.

What is Sandra Alva's real name?

Her real name is Sandra Alvarenga :)

What is the real name for ftv girls model paula?

Anita weyer

What is the real name for FTV girls model Patricia?

Jade Ramsey.sPatricia

Who is Sandra orlow mom?

Sandra Orlow's mom is not known. Sandra's real name is Sasha Sandra Durpfen, but little else is known about her.

How old is Sandra teen model?

Although Sandra has kept a low profile in recent years, rumors started circulating about what she is doing today. Contrary to the rumors, she did not become a male escort and she no longer poses nude for magazines. She is trying to live a normal life and stays out of the public eye.

What is sandie shaws real name?

Sandra goodridge

What is Sandra Bullock's real name?

Sandra Annette Bullock is her real name, her father is John W Bullock.Sandra Bullock's net worth is estimated to be $85 million.

Real name of ftv girls models?

The name of the girl in the FTV video is Amy Markham. She is a model and actress who has made several TV appearances.