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the qualities are:

they are happy

they live in a good enviroment with friends and family

their optemistic

they do not smoke

they care about their health so they do some exercising

they live their life,

they are carefree

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Q: What is the qualities of a healthy individual?
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What are the good qualities of healthy individual body?

There are many good qualities of healthy individual bodies. These bodies have a healthy blood pressure and heart rate for example.

What are the good of a healthy individuaL?

There are many great qualities of a healthy individual. Healthy individuals are physically fit, have regular heart beats, and are happy.

Qualities of a healthy individual?

Good respiratory functioning, normal blood pressure and heart rate, normal body mass according to height age and gender, and a healthy mind.

What are the qualities of health individual?

Some of the characteristics of a healthy individual is that he free of diseases, has a sound mind and feels good about himself. A healthy individual also feels comfortable with other people, and is able to meet the demands of life.

How do you measure character?

it is a combination of qualities distinguishing the individual nature of a person, such qualities are measured by honesty, courage and integrity

What are the characteristics of hygienic individual?

healthy :)

What your qualities?

Your qualities are the attributes that allow an employer to see if you are a good fit for a position and the company. Good qualities in education provide a glimpse into an individual's commitment and work ethic.

The place of the individual in 1984?

The place of the individual in 1984 is non existent, as the individual's humanity is stripped. The defining qualities that make an individual such as imagination are not allowed under that system of power. There is no space for emotion or dignity and when a personn has those complex qualities they are transfromed in order to meet the parties needs.

List the qualities that the Nazis wanted German art to glorify?

hi i am from mexico. The strong, the healthy,and the heroic.

Which of these is the term for the combined qualities of an individual?

Personal identity

Why is there a need for a healthy individual to jump?

It is healthy because it reduces the fatness and upgrades you body

What is a person perception and expression of individual qualities and group membership called?