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Q: What is the proper way to cut dwarf fingernails?
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What is the proper name for dwarf?

Little People is the nicest way to refer them, but they will understand if you called them short or Dwarf. But little person is better. :-)

What is the proper name for a Dwarf?

Little People is the nicest way to refer them, but they will understand if you called them short or Dwarf. But little person is better. :-)

The proper way to harvest cabbage do you twist it or cut it off plant?

Cabbage is cut off the plant at the base of the head.

Why are womens fingernails sharp?

If somebodys fingernails are sharper then normal than theyprobably just filed them that way.

The proper way to cut up a cow?

i need to see what part of the cow we eat for school project

What is the proper way to cut paper with scissors?

Fold the paper along the line where you want to cut, lick the crease several times, fold the paper the other way and repeat, and then finally tear.

What is a way to make your fingernails grow more slowly?


How to stop bitting your fingernails?

The best way to stop biting your fingernails is to put a sour or hot tasting substance on the nail to deter you from putting them into your mouth.

Do dwarf hamsters get along with dogs?

no way!

Messier 31is the nearest what to the earth?

Messier 31 or M31 or the Andromeda Galaxy is the nearest large spiral galaxy to Earth.It is commonly assumed wrongly to be the closest galaxy to our own but other smaller galaxies are closer. In fact it is the 35th nearest galaxy to us.The Canus Major Dwarf Galaxy is thought to be closest at 42,000ly from the galactic core and 25,000ly from earth. It is infact closer to the solar system than the galactic core of the Milky Way. (Satellite of Milky Way)Sagillarius Dwarf Eliptical Galaxy is 50,000ly from the core and 70ly from Earth. (Satellite of Milky Way)Large Magellanic Cloud is 157,000 ly from the core. (Satellite of Milky Way)Bootes I Dwarf Galaxy is 197,000ly from the core. (Satellite of Milky Way)Small Magellanic Cloud is 206,000ly from the core. (Satellite of Milky Way)Ursa Minor Dwarf Galaxy is 206,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Draco Dwarf Galaxy is 258,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Sextans Dwarf Galaxy is 281,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy is 287,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Ursa Major I Dwarf Galaxy is 330,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Carina Dwarf Galaxy is 330,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Fornax Dwarf Galaxy is 460,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Leo II Dwarf Galaxy is 701,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Leo I Dwarf Galaxy is 820,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Leo T Dward Galaxy is 1,370,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy is 1,440,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)Barnard's Galaxy is 1,630,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)MGC1 star cluster is 2,000,000ly. (Isolated Cluster)NGC 185 Dwarf Galaxy is 2,010,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Andromeda II Dwarf Galaxy is 2,130,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)IC 10 Galaxy is 2,200,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)NGC 147 Dwarf Galaxy is 2,200,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Leo A Dwarf Galaxy is 2,250,000ly. (Satellite of Milky Way)IC 1613 Dwarf Irregular Galaxy is 2,350,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Andromeda I Dwarf Galaxy is 2,430,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Andromeda III Dwarf Galaxy is 2,440,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Cetus Dwarf Galaxy is 2,460,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)M32/ Le Gentil Dwarf Eliptical Galaxy is 2,480,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Cassiopeia Dwarf Galaxy/Andromeda VII 2,490,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Andromeda IX Dwarf Galaxy is 2,500,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)LGS 3 Dwarf Irregular Galaxy is 2,510,000ly. (Satellite of Triangulum)Andromeda V Dwarf Galaxy is 2,520,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Pegasus Dwarf Galaxy/Andromeda VI is 2,550,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)Andromeda VIII Galaxy is 2,560,000ly. (Satellite of Andromeda)M31/ Andromeda Galaxy is 2,560,000ly.M33/ Triangulum Galaxy is 2,640,000ly.

What is the Sagittarius dwarf?

There are two galaxies refereed to as the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy.Sagittarius dwarf Elliptically galaxy: is an elliptical loop shaped satellite galaxy of the Milky Way Galaxy.Sagittarius dwarf Irregular Galaxy: Lies about 3.4 million light-years away and is not within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Best way to grow healthy fingernails?

there really isn't a good way all you have to do is leave them alone for a couple months