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Q: What is the process called when clouds turn into rain?
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If stratus clouds are dark what are they called?

Because there can be a lot of water in warm air, stratus clouds can easily turn into dark, rain and snow-producing nimbostratus clouds.

How does lake water turn into a cloud?

The wind and sun evaporates the water off lakes and oceans. The water vapour rises and forms clouds. The clouds release rain, which flows back into the lakes and oceans. The process is called, the water cycle.

What is it called when clouds turn in to soil?

A miracle. Clouds do not turn into soil.

How do clouds turn black?

clouds get black by the smoke and when its going to rain the water from the sea turns in gas and then goes on clouds.

What causes rain or hail to begin to fall?

rain: the clouds collect eough water from the ocean to the clouds and the clouds get too heavy and have to fall down. hail: the water from the clouds get frozen and turn into snow

What process is not essential for the water cycle to occur?

I would think that its the saturation of clouds as if its cold surely the water vapour can condense and turn to rain or another form of precipitation.

When does it rain or snow?

It rains when the clouds turn dark and it snows when it gets to 32f

How do the water turn to rain?

evapiration then clouds fill and get go like a blatter

When does water turn into snow?

water turnes into snow when it evaporates up then it gets cold in the air up about like rain clouds form and and the air particles turn from rain to ice it then gets to heavy and falls from the clouds :) hope i helped

What type of cloud is fluffy and low?

stratus clouds are the lowest clouds but cumulus clouds are the white fluffy ones cumulus clouds turn into cumbulimbous clouds when filled but with rain. The only problem is cumulus clouds are not found low!

How does rain turn into acid rain?

Air Pollution pollution from factories, smoke stacks, cars, ect is released into the atmosphere and since clouds are part of the atmosphere, the pollution gets in there as well. when it rains, it will be acid rain because of the pollutants in the clouds

How does sulfuric acid turn into acid rain?

Sulfur dioxide from industry and car exhaust combines with the water in clouds to form sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid bubbled into water produces sulfuric acid, and this method is even used in the production of sulfuric acid, known as the contact process. This process basically occurs nearly the same way in the clouds, and the resulting acid falls as acid rain.