What is the prefix of the word auto?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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It is Aotomatic I think! What is a prefix??!

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Q: What is the prefix of the word auto?
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What is the prefix of automobile?

No, auto is a root word. It means of self.

Does the word automation have a prefix?

yes auto

What is the prefix for selfish?

the prefix for selfish can be unselfish, but this word usually just has suffix

What does auto word mean?

"Auto" is a prefix and an abbreviation. It has now been in use as a word by itself.Auto can meana motor vehicle with four wheels (automobile)without the effort or intervention of a human, as in auto-pilot in a plane or auto-transmission in a car (here it is used as a prefix)

What is the noun for auto?

The word auto is a noun, a common, singular, concrete noun. The word auto comes from the word automobile. Auto is also a prefix (meaning 'self') for many words such as automatic, autograph, or autobiography;

What is the prefix for autocracy?

auto is the prefix of autocrat

What is the definition of the prefix auto?

In means cAr or trucks

What does the prefix auto mean?

It means Self.Self,Same

Is biography a suffixs or prefix?

Most of the time this is not a prefix of a suffix. Biography is a root word, in fact. prefixes can be added to it such as the word auto-biography. suffixes can also be added such as biograph-ical. So mostly the word biography is a root.

What does the medical terminology combining form auto- mean?

In medical terms, the prefix "auto-" means self.The prefix auto means self.

What is a four letter prefix that means self?

Ones means "self" automobile lit. suited for moving self, autocrat lit. self govern or rule. (auto- is not necessarily a prefix but more a word part)

What is a prefix for natural?