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She is worth more than Lindsey Lohan the mug.

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Q: What is the net worth of kirsty allsop?
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Who is kirsty allsop married to?

Kirsty Allsop is not married to anyone. She is currently dating Ben Andersen and they plan on getting married one day.

Are Sophie and kirsty allsop related?

Yes, Sofie is Kirstie's youngest sister.

What is the birth name of Jane Allsop?

Jane Allsop's birth name is Jane Claire Allsop.

When was Richard Allsop born?

Richard Allsop was born in 1849.

When was George Allsop born?

George Allsop was born in 1864.

When did George Allsop die?

George Allsop died in 1927.

When was Thomas Allsop born?

Thomas Allsop was born in 1795.

When did Thomas Allsop die?

Thomas Allsop died in 1880.

When did Richard Allsop die?

Richard Allsop died in 1908.

How tall is Benn Allsop?

Benn Allsop is 5' 11".

How tall is Jane Allsop?

Jane Allsop is 170 cm.

What has the author Bruce Allsop written?

Bruce Allsop has written: 'Appeal to the gods'