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The Gecko from the Geico commercial is named Martin after The Martin Agency in Richmond, VA.

While often mistaken for Australian, the GEICO gecko's accent is British. More precisely, southeast English, around London. See the link below for more of a biography.

His name is clearly not Stanley as stated in a 2010 commercial in which he says, "My name is not Stanley . . . I'd hate to be Stanley."

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Q: What is the name of the Gecko in the Geico commercial?
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In the Geico Gecko commercial where he is looking for his egg salad. What does he say his name is?

This is from the "Geico" commercial where the gecko is in the refrigerator looking for his egg salad.

Is a Gecko in Commercial ad of Geico Gecko a British accent?

The gecko in the Geico commercials does have a cockney (poor) British accent.

Where is the geico gecko in the geico commercial from?

While often mistaken for Australian, the GEICO gecko's accent is British. More precisely, southeast English (London or home counties). The British/Australian mix-up is used to comic effect in a commercial set in a boardroom meeting. In the wild they are found in warm climates around the world.

Who is the actor in the Geico man made of money commericials?

The name of the actor in the GEICO Man Made of Money commercial is not stated. It is stated that Jake Wood a British actor is the current voice of the GEICO gecko.

Is the geico gecko real?

The Geico gecko only exsists in the Geico commercials,so this means that in real life,the Geico gecko is not real.

Who does the voiceover for the gecko inthe Geico commercial?

The voiceover is done by English Actor and comedian, Jake Wood.

What station is Geico Radio?

"Geico Radio" is a pretend, fictitious, make-believe, pretend radio station, that exists only in that one Geico TV commercial with the kid, the gecko, and the big computer print-out.

Who sings the rap song on Geico commercial with gecko on Brooklyn Bridge?

The song is "You can't stop me" by Crown Loyal.

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