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Well I think spray tan if you tan to easily in the sun. Also tanning beds can burn you badly if you stay in too long.

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Q: What is the most healthy way to get a tan?
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Is it healthy for part of your body not to tan?

Since tanning is the body's way of protecting against the sun's rays, it is not very healthy for part of your body to not tan. If you are concerned, please consult a doctor.

How can I get a healthy summer tan?

The best way to get a healthy summer tan is by working on it in the early morning or late afternoon and using protection. This helps to block some of the harshest aspects of the sun.

How can you get a healthy full body tan?


How do you get the frickn tan cheat?

The only way to get the tan cheat is to transfer wardrobes with someone who has it. So, you have to become friends with them, or simply ask for the tan cheat, and they can most likely do that transfer for you. Of course, most people with it are rude as hell, but its worth a shot. <3

Can you dye a flower tan?

Yes you can! But you have to use all the tan dye you have or it will turn into a disgusting shade. Also, it is very healthy for the plant to geta nice tan and have self-confidence.

Will you get darker if you tan after you already have had a spray tan?

You probably would get sun burned. Its not a healthy thing to do but yeah you would kinda get darker too.

Is orange skin healthy?

usually not.. but if you have orange skin you have a pretty hot tan...

Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed?

severelt stressed

What is a healthy way to cook meat?

The healthy way to cook meat is with minimal fat and minimal charring. This allows for the most efficient digestion possible.

Which at home spray tan gives the nicest look?

The only way to find out which products will work best for you and have the most favorable result is to try them out for yourself. Some of the spray tan products with the best reviews online include Mystic Tan UV-Free Spray On Tan and Jergens Natural Tan Revitalizing Moisturizer.

What are the easiest an cheapest way to get a nice tan natural tan I have fair skin?

get tanning lotions/spray on tan

Do people find tan lines unattractive?

Some people find them attractive. But most people do not mind the tan lines. In conclusion the perspective of most people do not mind the tan lines you get after a tan.