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You shouldn't stay in the sauna for more than 60 minutes.

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Q: What is the maxium time you should sit in the sauna?
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How long will you have to sit inside of a sauna with a sauna suit on to sweat off a couple pounds?

You don't use sauna suit in the sauna.

How often can you have a infrared sauna?

The maximum temperature of an infrared sauna really does depend on which model a person owns. For example, the FAR infrared sauna typically gets as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit. And for other versions, the sauna is best set from 120 to 130 degrees with a maximum of 140 degrees.

Can you sit in the sauna if you have poison ivy?


Which should you do first exercise or sauna?

I do sauna first, then swim for an hour, then sauna again after excercising.

What is the sequence and instructions for sauna and steam?

Finnish sauna doesn't have steam - Turkish sauna has steam. In Finnish sauna you sit on the bench, throw water on the stove with the ladle and sweat a lot.

How do you sit in sauna?

Naked, usually on a small towel called 'pefletti'

If you have a cold can you sit in a sauna?

Yes, but if you have a 100°F fever, I wouldn't recommend it.

Where can one purchase a home with a sauna?

Sauna kits of varying size and cost can be located online through the Amazon website, as well as the eBay, Sauna Fin, Cedar Brook Sauna, and Great Saunas websites.

How do yew take a safe sauna?

You sit on the bench, throw water on the stove and sweat a lot.

What is the maxium of numbers in a second energy level?

if you're talking about atoms, 8 electrons can sit in the second energy level. two sit in the 2s orbital and 6 in the 2p orbital.

How do you take a sauna?

You sit on the top bench, throw ladle full of water on the hot stove on medium intervals and sweat a lot.

Is sitting good for pregnant women?

Yes it is good for a pregnent women to sit bt she should not sit for a long time..........