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Q: What is the last thing you take off before you go to sleep?
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What is the last thing you take off at night?

you take your feet off the ground before going to bed

Sleep how do i do it?

There are multiple ways to get a restful sleep. You can take sleeping pills, take a hot bath before bed, and try to wind down one hour before bed so that your mind will be ready to sleep.

Can you take elavil with methadone?

ive been taking the elavils to sleep for the last week along with my methadone, so take em and sleep :)

Do you have to take of your gauges before going to sleep?

Depends on the person

What is better to take before a filling pain meds or sleep meds?

Ibuprofin for pain and melatonin supplement for sleep.

What time should i take cherifer pgm?

take it before you sleep. it is the best way to make you tall.

Is contacts bad for your eyes?

no not as long as you clean it and take it off before you go to sleep unless you buy the ones that you are able to sleep with

What was the last thing edward said to Bella in the woods?

the very last thing he said was goodbye Bella take care of yourself

What does it mean to dream of a mole?

You forgot to take the gerbil out of your butt before you went to sleep.

Do you sleep better if you take a shower before bed?

if you really need it then you can have but it dose make you awake more it might take you awhile to go to sleep so I say no it not a good idea

How can I get asleep if I don't want to sleep?

Reed a book before falling asleep, take a shower before going to bed. Make your bed and your pillow be cold. I can not sleep When I am hot. I hope this will help. 😉

What over the counter pain medicine with sleep aid can you take the night before surgery?

You should never take any medications before a surgery without checking with your doctor