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Q: What is the importance of body temperature regulation?
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What is a uniquely sympathetic function?

regulation of body temperature

What is the importance of temperature-regulating mechanisms in organisms?

The hypothalamus is responsible for the regulation of temperature in organisms. It is important because temperature directly affects vital biochemical processes within the body. Without a regulating mechanism, the organism will die.

Which body part is used when the temperature regulation is essential to the production of sex cells?

The scrotum is the body part is used when the temperature regulation is essential to the production of sex cells.

Blood vessels in the dermis aid in the regulation of?

Blood vessels in the dermis of the skin aid in the regulation of body temperature by constricting (vasoconstricting) to maintain internal body temperature, or expanding (vasodilation) to release heat and lower body temperature.

What is the body's regulation of its internal environment?

when you feel hot your body sweats to keep cool and regulate your body temperature when your bodies cooled you get goosebumps to regulate your body temperature this are to ways your body regulates

Where does temperature regulation in your body come from?

Muscular system and integumentary system

Hormones secreted by the hypothalamus do what?

The hypothalamus aids in regulation of the body's temperature.

What is another way of saying regulation of body temperature?

Say; thermoregulation

How do burns effect the temperature regulation in the human body?

You can get viruses and bacteria throughout the whole body

Function of blood cell?

Their main function is transportation. Blood maintans pH, temperature and osmo regulation. Protects the body.

What has the author J Bligh written?

J. Bligh has written: 'Temperature regulation in mammals and other vertebrates' -- subject(s): Birds, Body temperature, Mammals, Physiology, Regulation

What is the process for regulating body temperature?

Body temperature regulation is controlled by the automomic nervous system under the guidance of the medulla oblongatta in the brain stem.