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Q: What is the good thing about waves?
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Are surface waves and s waves the same thing?


Give an exaple of a longitudinal and transverse wave?

A good example is vibrating guitar strings, as they are transverse, but the waves given off are sound, and sound is longtitude.

What are good waves?

Big waves

How are infrared waves waves samilar to ultraviolet waves?

They're exactly the same thing, except that they're longer.

What are the advantages of infrared waves?

They are not effected by radio transmission and they create greenhouse effect which is a good thing same as a bad thing because without it, it would be too cold for us to live.

How are radio waves affected in the atmosphere?

I dont think they do, Radio waves diffract less and arn't affected by the ionosphere which is the upper part of the atmosphere. Most electromagnetic waves are affected severely by the atmosphere, which is a good thing due to the strength they carry EXCEPT microwaves *Apparantly*.

Is sunlight and radiowaves a good example of compression waves?

Sunlight and radiowaves are examples of electromagnetic waves, which are transverse mechanical waves. Sound waves are compression waves.

Are radio waves and light waves both electromagnetic waves?

Yes. So are heat waves, ultraviolet waves, X-rays, and gamma rays. They're all the same thing, only with different wavelengths.

An object that is a good radiator of electromagnetic waves is also a good?

An object that is a good radiator of electromagnetic waves is also a good source of energy (heat,light ...)

What words describe the sea when the waves are good?


How do waves carry information?

theres no such thing as waves its just a lot of ballshit that youre science teachers teach you.

Does Jones beach have big waves?

yes it does have big waves and its a good beach