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I am sorry but you have asked a question with no correct answer.

I have seen 15 inch wheels vary from 1 inch wide to 24 inches wide

If you have to have a average 6.5 inches would be close but this is useless in any meaningful way.

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Q: What is the ganeral width of a 15 inch car wheel?
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What is the minimum width for a car ramp?

17 inch

What method can you use to find a car width?

tape measure The width of a car is normally measured using the term (Track). That is defined as the distance between the center of the wheel on the left and the center of the wheel on the right. That distance is the track but is not the total width of the vehicle. Like the above answer you can find that figure yourself with a tape measure.

Is a 40 offset of a car rim bigger or smaller than a 38 off set which will sit in more than the other 40 or 38?

Depends if it is a negative or positive offset. Rear spacing (or backspacing) is the distance between the wheel's inboard edge and its mounting pad. It can be measured by using a ruler and a straightedge set across the backside rim of the wheel. If you have a "positive" offset, the mounting pad is in front (or outboard) of the rim centerline. This situation most commonly occurs on front-wheel-drive applications. To picture this more accurately, think of the convex design of many wheels found on front-drivers; the center of the wheel sticks out further than the edges of the wheel. If there's a "negative" offset, the mounting pad is behind (or inboard of) the rim centerline. This is typical for most standard rear-wheel-drive vehicles and "reversed" rims. Sometimes, this style is referred to as a "deep-dish" wheel. For example, an 8-inch wide, 3-inch-rear spacing wheel would have a 1-inch negative offset. Conversely, if the same 8-inch wheel had a 5-inch rear spacing, it would then have a 1-inch positive offset. Finally, if the same wheel had a 4-inch rear spacing (which is exactly half its width) then the wheel would have what's known as a "zero offset." In wheel-measurement designations, the diameter is listed first, followed by the width. A 16x7-inch wheel has a diameter of 16 inches and a width of 7 inches. Diameter is measured where the tire rests, not from lip to lip.

Which size wheels makes a car go faster?

its not the wheel size its the width of the tyre it self the bigger it is the better your car will handle and accelerate

What does 265 40 zr18 mean?

265 = Width of tire in Millimetres 40 = Ratio of height to width (aspect ratio) Z = Speed rating for over 150Mph (240Kph) R = Radial - the construction of the tire 18 = Diameter in inches of the wheel the tire is designed to fit. In summary, this tire is for a sports car with 18 inch wheels.

Would rear wheel drive twenty inch rims fit on a 1995 Ford Taurus?

You might have to do a body lift for these wheels to fit in the wheel wells of the car. And what will happen to the "center of gravity" of the car ?

If you turn car wheel to the right all the way how many feet the car fly up and land on the ground?

It all depends on the speed of car , velocity how fast will you turn the car wheel , the weight of car , also the max degree of wheels , the width of car , etc. etc. Sorry , i don't know the F

Can you use 215 70 15 snow tires on a car that needs 225 65 r16?

If you are using the same wheels, no. The last number is the size of the wheel, and obviously a 15 inch tire will not fit on a 16 inch wheel

Does any other make of car wheels fit a jeep Cherokee 1997?

Most if not all Chrysler and Ford 15 inch five bolt wheels will fit. GM uses a different bolt pattern than Chrysler/Ford. Do be attentive to the correct width of wheel if you are replacing.

What is the width of a motor car?

Varies with the model but can be anywhere from 75-110 inches. Look at wheel base for the model in question on specs and that will tell you.

What can happen if you have two 17-inch rims and two 16-inch rims on your car?

It depends on if it ie front or rear wheel drive or 3 wheel drive. If it is 4 wheel drive, it is not good and will cause problems. If it is either front or rear wheel drive keep the wheels the same on the drive wheels ie. front wheel drive, keep the 17 or 16 inch wheels on the front but make sure they are the same.

Which car has the narrowest width?

A Radio Controlled car has the smallest width.