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It's the carboxylic acid functional group (COOH).

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Q: What is the functional group of formic acid?
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What is the pH of formic acid?

Formic acid (methanoic acid), HCOOH, has a PH of ~2-3.

Is HCHO a formic acid?

No, CH2O is formaldehyde and is not formic acid. HCOOH is formic acid. The key to the answer is that formaldehyde has only one oxygen but formic acid has two in its carboxylate group.

Is formic acid a simple amino acid?

No! Amino acids are compounds having an amine ( -NH2) group and a carboxylic group ( -COOH). Formic acid, HCOOH, thus is not an amino acid.

What type of biological compound is characterized by a carboxylic acid its only functional group?

Formic acid, buildup in muscles from exertion causes soreness. Also the main component of venom in a fire ant bite.

The functional group in acetic acid is called the?

The functional group in an organic acid is -COOH.

Itching due to insect bite is cause by formic acid?

Formic acid

What is --COOH?

It is a carboxyl functional group, consisting of a carbonyl and hydroxyl group. It is an ACID [moiety].

What is the colour of formic acid?

Chemical formula for formic acid is HCOOH. It is an organic acid compound. Formic acid is colorless.

What acid is found in an ant sting?

First of all, Ants do not bite. They sting using the needle at the back of their abdomen.Ant sting usually contain Formic Acid.

What compound is -COOH?

COOH is not itself a stable compound, and does not exist in nature. However, HCOOH is methanoic acid, while the -COOH functional group in organic chemistry is the general formula for a carboxyllic acid.

Is an ant sting acidic or alkaline?

An ants sting is Formic Acid

Is formic acid an Aldehyde or a Carboxylic acid?

Formic acid is methanoic acid. A carboxylic acid.