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The function is to provide the whole body with water. IN other words it assists the water vascular system

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Q: What is the function of the pyloric gland?
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List out the digestive glands present in your digestive system and their function in digestion?

Liver, salivary gland, pyloric stomach, pancreas, duodenum of small intestines

What 2 glands does the stomach contain?

The two glands that are in the stomach are the Pyloric Gland and the Gastric Gland.

Pyloric sphincter function?

The function of the pyloric sphincter is that it controls the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine.

What is a pyloric ceca?

In the starfish, the pyloric ceca has an absorptive function. It sits on top of the the gonads and is connected to the stomach.

What is the function of a pyloric stomach in a starfish?

Pyloric caeca or hepatic caeca helps in a starfish's digestion. It is located in the their arms. After swallowing their prey, they then place it in their Pyloric caeca where the digestion process starts.

What is the function of pyloric region?

The pyloris controls the rate of emptying of the stomach.

What function of the thyroid gland?

A function of the thyroid gland is the regulates calcium in blood

What is the function of the thyriod gland?

The main function of the thyroid gland is to control cell metabolism.

What gland stimulates the pituitary function?

The pituitary gland!!

What is the function of the pyloric caeca of a fish?

Also known as digestive caeca or hepatic caeca. Pyloric caeca (outpocketing) extends from the pyloric stomach of the starfish into each of the five arms.

Why does the crayfish have a digestive gland when it already has an intestine?

The crayfish has both stomach and digestive gland because the stomach (pyloric and cardiac) grinds and stores the food while the digestive gland secretes enzymes to help break the food down.

Do adults have problems with their pyloric sphincter?

In adults the pyloric muscle or valve can be closed by scarring (from ulceration) or cancer. Sometimes pyloric stenosis in infancy is not severe enough to warrant surgery and for whatever reason some of these children grow up still having problems with their pyloric function. Problems with the pyloric sphincter in adults can be managed by medication, lifestyle changes, and/or surgery.