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Q: What is the eight factors which may influence a person's ability to have a healthy lifestyle?
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What factors keeps you healthy?

genetics, lifestyle, environment

Explain the effects of identified lifestyle factors on long term health and fitness?

The effects of identified lifestyle factors on long term health and fitness is a healthy body .

Factors that affect healthy lifestyle?

Alcohol, smoking, drugs and behaviour

How to influence the public to live a healthy lifestyle?

Change starts within so if we want to influence the public to change their lifestyle into a healthy one then we better start by showing them that it is possible. You start with yourself, if you are able to do this then you can influence the people though inspiring them and being their role model to such practices.

Why might a person who lead a healthy lifestyle develope a lifestyle disease?

You've obviously have NOT been leading a healthy lifestyle.... there are also other factors like heredity and some environmental factors like living in the mountains at high altitudes, or pollution, the latter is unlikely though.

How do biological factors influence the individuals health?

well **Everyone has the ability to be healthy-regardless of genetics. Biological factors might mean that certain people MIGHT have to work harder to be healthier etc. but doesn't mean its not possible.

How do you influence the public to live a healthy lifestyle?

Perform some public activities showcasing how to lead a healthy life... And lead by an exemplary life so others will follow you...

What is living range mean?

living a healthy lifestyle... living a healthy lifestyle...

What are some resources for learning about healthy living?

You can always inquire your doctor on the necessary changes needed for a healthy lifestyle suited for you, be it dieting, exercise, or a combination of several factors.

What are the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle?

List 10 benefits to having a healthy lifestyle.

What is healthy lifestyle in Hebrew?

Healthy lifestyle = אורח חיים בריא (orach khayyim baree)

Why do 6-12 year olds need a healthy lifestyle?

everyone needs a healthy lifestyle!