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Q: What is the distributor vacuum advance location on a 400 Pontiac?
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How do you replace the vacuum advance on a 1970 Pontiac V8?

Remove the distributor cap. Remove the hose to the vacuum advance. Remove the two screws holding the vacuum advance on. Install in reverse order.

A distributor with vacuum advance compensates for varying?

engine loads

Does the 1950 Chevrolet have vacuum advance?

If you're talking about the vacuum advance for the 216/235 distributor, then yes it has the vacuum advance, which runs off a carburetor connection close to the idle adjustment screw.

How do you adjust vacuum advance on a dodge electronic distributor?

pull the hose off the vacuum advance and some of them have a set screw inside the hole.

Where is the vacuum advance located on 1984 cj7?

at the distributor. mechanical type

Why does your 76 nova not stall when you remove the vacuum line from the distributor?

It won't. That vacuum line tells the distributor When to advance the timing. There isn't enough vacuum loss to stall an engine.

How do you remove vacuum advance pot on 454 distributor?

Detach the vacuum hose from the vacuum advance unit. Remove the distributor cap and unscrew the two mounting screws. Pull the rotor off the shaft and remove those two mounting screws as well. Unscrew the two advance unit mounting screws and remove the unit from the distributor.

Where are the vacuum hoses on a 73 vw super beetle?

If you have a manual transmission and a centrifugal advance distributor, you don't have any. If you have vacuum advance on your distributor, there's one vacuum hose running from the side of the carb to the distributor. If you have an automatic transmission, you've got a hose from the intake manifold to the control valve.

Ignition timing for 1600 beetle?

I really depends on what distributor you have on the engine. It could be a mechanical advance distributor or a vacuum advance distributor (stock). Google "the Somba" Volkswagen forum and all will be explained.

Does the 1991 Camaro RS have a mechanical kickdown or a vacuum advance?

You are asking two separate questions. The transmission has a cable,mechanical, kickdown. The distributor does not have a vacuum advance.

Does the vacuum advance get constant vacuum or not?

Manifold vacuum usually. There may be some instances where someone reworked a distributor to arrive at a specific timing curve under load using ported vacuum with the vacuum advance, but this would be rare as most people would re-curve their distributor by changing advance weights and springs and would limit the advance built into a distributor so they could use more initial timing without having the total timing go over 36-40 degrees when the engine is revved up and all advance is in.

What is the reason for vacuum at distributor?

"VAcuum advance". Step on it, vacuum goes down and it advances timing for more performance/power. Idle of letting off, advance goes back to setting for economy.