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Q: What is the direct cause and basic cause in accident?
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What are two basic ways that bacteria cause disease?

Bacterial toxins and direct tissue destruction

What services are offered by Accident Direct?

Accident Direct offers many services related to obtaining compensation from a injury the customer may have experienced. Accident Direct also offer support for obtaining compensation from the company that is involved with the injury.

What number is this 01613126506?

Claims Direct... had an accident etc..

Can birds really cause airplane accidents?

Bird strikes to an aircraft rarely cause human casualties, but CAN cause damage to an airplane or an accident. A direct bird strike to the jet engine of an airplane during take off and landing can be particularly serious.

Can a vehicle accident cause a herniated disc?

Yes, if an accident is bad enough, it will cause a hernia. This is why it is important to go to the hospital and get an exam after an accident.

Can a car accident cause desiccated disk?

A Car accident can cause anything, even a Desiccated disk.

How many passengers are on a carnival cruise ship?

Carnival Corporation has never had a direct accident. The only notable accident is in terms of the Costa Concordia accident.

What is a accident chrome?

Perhaps you mean accident prone?? Meaning your are likely to cause an accident if there is a possibility of doing so.

Is overtime basic pay a direct cost?

Yes overtime basic pay to workers is direct labor cost as this cost is identifiable separately.

What is the leading cause of accident injuries?

There are many reasons for accident injuries. The main reason and leading cause for accident injuries would be because of car crashes and drinking and smoking problems.

why did kahlo probably lose a lot of blood in her accident?

cause it was a ACCIDENT should you lose a lot of blood during a accident?

What is direct labor and direct materials?

Direct Material: Basic material ingredient to manufacture unit of product is called direct material Direct Labor: The basic labor force which is required to make any unit of product and without which it is not possible to make unit of product is called direct labor