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Rich just means having loads of money - Famous means that almost everybody knows who you are.

If you're not into waving your money around it's perfectly possible to be rich w/o getting noticed.

OTOH if you do something very special that gets you noticed by media you can become famous w/o being particularly rich.

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Q: What is the difference between being rich and being famous?
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What Is The Difference Between Rich And Famous?

Rich means your move valuble to people. famous meens that you are a popstar and sing on natinol tv

What are the benefits to being in the NHL?

you get famous and you get Rich

What is the difference between the rich and the poor in the society?

the poor are significantly constrained in what they can buy, and what they can do, compared to the rich. This can impair the education, nutrition, health, and general well being of the poor.

What is the difference between Old Money Rich and Nouveau Rich?

4 trillion

What are the similarities between rich and famous?

Compare and Contrast Essay Rich and famous are different; however they have some things in common. While "celebrity" and "rich" have different definitions, there are often similarities between the two. First of all, both rich and famous can get what they want at any time. For example, if someone rich or famous wants to do something, they ask for it at any time and usually they get it. Additionally, another similarity is they both have a lot of money. Most rich and famous people have millions of dollars unlike the normal class of people. A lot of famous people won't share their money. The last similarities is Rich and famous people are different from each other. One major difference between rich and famous is that when you're famous everybody knows who you are. You can be rich without being famous. Mother Teresa was famous, but she did not have money. The rich people can get their money from working without being famous. Famous people have more opportunities to meet other celebrities or work with them. For example, some of the famous people will always have someone to work with or a have a contract. Rich people won't work with any famous people. Almost few famous people have used their fame to improve lives of others by starting foundations to help people in need, as an example Big Time Rush has given millions of dollars to kids that has cancer In conclusion, rich and famous have their similarities and their differences that make them unique.

What was Andrew carneige famous for?

being more rich than you

How do you foresee yourself after 10 years?

Being rich and famous....

Is there a difference between believe you have a purpose and Grandiose delusions?

Yes, grandiose delusions are defined as beliefs that the person is rich, famous, or powerful. Believing that you have a purpose in life is not delusional.

What is the best part about being a celebrity?

Being rich and famous I guess, but, it isn't as wonderful as it appears to be.

What is the difference between rich and the poor?

The rich generally have more economic and political power than the poor.

What is the difference in between rich and poor Elizabethans?

the poor where misteated by the rich because the rich always looked down on poor people:)

Can you name songs with lyrics about being rich and famous etc?

Rockstar by Nickelback.