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Q: What is the desire to sleep more called?
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What is climania?

Desire to sleep more

What is the word for ' desire to sleep more'?


What are synonyms of clinomania?

desire to sleep more

What is the desire to sleep more known as?


What is the word for an uncontrollable desire to sleep in daytime?


What is it called when the desire to do something is overruled by the desire to not do it?


When was Street Called Desire created?

Street Called Desire was created in 1985-06.

What dose arouse mean?

1. To awaken from or as if from sleep.2. To stimulate sexual desire in.

What is the scientific study of sleep called?

The study of sleep is called polysomnography.

Is it unreasonable or petty to expect that anyone who is not your significant other knock before entering your bedroom even if they think you are asleep or do most people desire this?

more people desire it it's called respect

What is that perfume that you think is called one more night gigi or sleep with you gigi?

Ck perfume

What is a place where bats sleep called?

The location that bats sleep is called a 'roost.'