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Lack of magnesium can cause fatigue, increased risk of Asthma, raised blood pressure, heart abnormalities and much more. The reason for this is because magnesium is practically needed by all organisms in the body.

Daily Intake

Ages 1-3; Male: 80mg Female: 80mg

4-8; Male: 130mg Female: 130mg

9-13; Male: 240mg Female: 240mg

14-18; Male: 410mg Female: 360mg If pregnant:400mg If breastfeeding:360mg

19-30; Male: 400mg Female: 310mg If pregnant:350mg If breastfeeding:310mg

31+ Male: 420mg Female: 320mg If pregnant: 360mg If breastfeeding:320mg

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Q: What is the danger of low magnesium and how much suppliment is safe to take?
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