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Q: What is the brand of black jeans Chris Cornell wears?
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What brand of jeans does Chris Pfaff aka Drama wear on the show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory?

True religion

When was Lucky Brand Jeans created?

Lucky Brand Jeans was created in 1990.

What is a good brand of slimming jeans?

The Wrangler jeans brand is best and versatile.

Are lucky brand jeans unisex?

I work for Lucky brand and all lucky brand jeans are in fact Unisex.

Who are brand names for jeans?

Here are a bunch of brand names for jeans:

What is a brand of jeans that starts with the letter T?

True Religion is a brand of jeans. It begins with T.

What brand jeans do celeberties wear?

designer jeans

What brand of jeans start with the letter c?

Calvin Klein is a brand of jeans. They begin with the letter C.

What Is a brand of denim jeans that starts with l?

Levi's is a brand of denim jeans. It begins with the letter l.

What is the best brand of kids jeans?

Gap Kids brand jeans bring excellent quality for fair prices.

Brand name clothing that starts with the letter y?

YMI Jeans and Yumi Kim are clothing brand names. Yumi Kim is a fashion dress brand. YMI Jeans features denim jeans.

What name brand is most expensive in designer jeans?

PRPS Jeans